AETC Arctic Europe Tourism Cluster boosts visibility by inviting Tour Operators to new joint marketing

Arctic Europe Tourism Cluster AETC is continuing the unique collaboration between Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland and Northern Norway, a partnership known as Visit Arctic Europe

Arctic Europe Tourism Cluster -project (AETC) invites Tour Operators to Partner in Marketing Collaboration

The Arctic Europe Tourism Cluster (AETC) is excited to announce an initiative aimed at strengthening the joint marketing of tourism sector across the Arctic Europe region. We have invited tour operators from our selected target markets to join us in a marketing collaboration designed to benefit the tourism industry, local communities, and  of course visitors alike.

Building Resilient and Regenerative Tourism

Our primary goal is to create a tourism industry that is resilient to rapid changes and future demands. By focusing on sustainable practices, we aim to ensure that tourism benefits all stakeholders throughout the Arctic Europe region. We aim to reach year-round tourism in the area in waym that the whole region receives the benefits the actions.

Developing Year-round Tourism: Focus on Autumn

A significant part of our initiative is to expand tourism beyond the peak seasons, with a special focus on the autumn months from August to November. This period offers unique opportunities to the travellers:

Vibrant Landscapes: The autumn season transforms the region into a kaleidoscope of colors, providing a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities.
Northern Lights and Sunsets: As the nights grow longer, visitors can experience the magic of the early Northern Lights and breathtaking sunsets.
Ideal Weather: The mild autumn weather is perfect for exploring the natural beauty of Arctic Europe, from tranquil forests and fells to serene fjords.

This season represents a valuable opportunity for local service providers and tour operators to attract more visitors and extend their business operations. The website This is Arctic will be used as the image marketing platform for the key messages.

Visit Arctic Europe - AETC Arctic Europe Tourims Cluster

Tour Operators partnering with us have applied to receive marketing support from AETC

A call to Tour Operators working in the primary target markets was sent out in the beginning of May 2024.
We aim to find tour operators to partner with us in marketing Arctic Europe during the extended autumn season. The conditions in breif were, that the company has to operate in the DACH or Benelux markets and the company needs to have the mutual interest to actively promote the regions’ project participants as well the autumnal season. In this initiative, we have emphazised the following factors while calling out applications from tour operators to work with us:

Collaborative Spirit: Willingness to cooperate with the vibrant Arctic Europe  community.
Sustainable Commitment: Dedication to developing sustainable and responsible tourism.
Investment Readiness: Preparedness to invest in the development and marketing of potential seasons in Arctic Europe.
Quality Experiences: Offering high-quality, nature-based experiences in the Arctic Europe region.
Long-term Commitment: Ability to commit to a three-year production for potential seasons in Arctic Europe.
Digital Marketing Expertise: Proficiency in creating innovative digital marketing campaigns.

The process

The tour operatoers have filled in an oline application, in which they had to submit a preliminary innovative digital marketing plan aimed at increasing business during the potential seasons in Arctic Europe. Reviewing and selection of the tour operator companies is made in several stages within the AETC project team.

All submissions have been first reviewed overall and to some, the AETC team has sent out questions to specify certain topics. This way the project ensures that all submitted marketing plans will meet our criteria and can be selected to the next phase. The final selection of tour operators supported in marketing actions will soon be made and the AETC project will then proceed in contracting the selected tour operators. After the contracts are finalized, the marketing plans are to be implemented. The tour operators need to regularly report the process and progress and at all times the AETC project will ensure that the marketing cooperation focuses exclusively on promoting the AETC region.

Shaping the Future of Arctic Tourism together

The AETC’s marketing collaboration initiative offers numerous benefits for tourism and travel companies within the Arctic Europe region. By participating in this project, companies can leverage collective resources and expertise to enhance their marketing efforts, attract more visitors, and ultimately drive sustainable growth. Here’s how your business can benefit:

  • Enhanced Visibility and Reach
  • Broaden Your Audience
  • Through joint marketing efforts, your business can reach a wider audience, including potential tourists from the DACH and Benelux markets.
  • The collaboration will utilize innovative digital marketing strategies to showcase the unique attractions and experiences available in Arctic Europe.
  • Increased Brand Awareness

Focusing on the autumn season provides an opportunity to extend the  business operations beyond the traditional peak seasons. By attracting visitors during the off-peak months, revenue streams can be stabilized and seasonal dependency reduced, contributing to more sustainable business growth.


Boost Local Economy and join with your own marketing campaigns

Increased tourist activity during the extended autumn season will benefit not only the tourism and travel businesses but also the wider local economy. More visitors mean more spending in local shops, restaurants, and service providers, helping to create jobs and support community development. As a company within the area, you can amplify the AETCs’ marketing actions by highlighting the unique features of the autumn season—such as the vibrant landscapes, early Northern Lights, and mild weather— with your own marketing actions.

As a company based in Arctic Europe area parallel marketing could benefit your business

This unique positioning will attract tourists looking for distinctive and memorable travel experiences during the Autumn months. Engaging in this marketing cooperation encourages innovation and creativity. Working alongside other leading tourism companies and the AETC, you will be part of a forward-thinking community that continually seeks new ways to enhance the visitor experience and promote sustainable tourism.

Joining the AETC’s marketing collaboration with your own parallel marketing is a strategic move that offers substantial benefits for tourism and travel companies within the Arctic Europe region. By working together, we can create a more resilient and vibrant tourism industry that benefits everyone. For more information on how to participate, visit the AETC website or contact us directly. Let’s shape the future of Arctic Europe tourism together!

Want to know other ways we collaborate with Tour operators?

In the AETC project, we have included the tour operators, thus, the target market themselves, in our processes of development. For example, during our Cultural and year-round product development event in Levi, we asked some of the tour operators to offer their insight and learnings from the market to better understand what us as an area should be offering to visitors in terms of these topics. In addition we aim to bring the buyers and seller of the area together by organizing knowledge transition tour to tour operators to gain deeper understanding of the Arctic Europe region and by organizing sales workshops for efficient networking for both parties.

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