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Visit Arctic Europe II – Stronger together 

Project partners: Finnish Lapland Tourist Board,
Northern Norway Tourist Board and Swedish Lapland Visitors Board
Participants: 122 Tourism companies from the region
Project period: until 30.9.2022 |  Budget: 6,4 Million EUR

Digitalization development Webinar serie in VAE II

Digitalization Development in VAE II – Planned webinars

Webinar schedule – invitation VAE II

Live Webinars are meant only for VAE II participating companies. You can have several participants from one company, all participants need to register beforehand in order to follow webinar. All recorded webinars will be shared later in Basecamp.

Recording of the webinars are available also for other companies. Please ask link for recording from: maikku.raittimo @

Webinar 1:

Why you need a social media strategy
and how to build it (Aug 26th 2019)
Think different about your social media marketing.
Get tools to set up your own social media strategy
and how to practice target communication.

Webinar 2:
Digital marketing and storytelling in
social media (Sept 18th 2019)
Stop focusing on what you need to say, and start
thinking about what the customer wants to hear.

Webinar 3:
Actively in social media (Oct 23rd 2019)
How do you know if your effort on social media is
working? This webinar will emphasize the
importance of monitoring your SoMe channels and
learning from the different data.

Webinar 4:
Which channels are used for dreaming,
planning and purchasing (20th Nov 2019)
How is the customer´s digital journey? The webinar
will take a closer look on which channel can give
the best leads and how you should communicate in
the different channels.

Webinar 5:
Why and how to build strategy for
digitalization development (28th Jan 2020)
In what condition is the company today in the
digitalization subject, where do you want to go and
how to get there.

Webinar 6:
Digital ecosystem in company (Feb 27th
What digital ecosystem your company needs,
depends on the of resources you have, both human
and financial. What can you do yourself and what to
outsource? This webinar will also give an overview
over the different back office systems and the value
to use it.

Webinar 7: Webpage (March 26th 2020)
How is your website really doing? We will go
through the different steps of search engine
optimization (SEO) and give an introduction on
what tools to use in your work to make your
company visible in Google.

Webinar 8:
Needed structure in own units, how to
build sellable booking tools (April 23th 2020)
The webinar will focus on what to consider when
planning the structure for booking tools.
Attendees will share experience with different
booking tools.

Webinar 9:
Distribution channel strategy and how to
use common OTA actors (May 14th 2020)
Over the past two decades, online travel agencies,
or OTAs (companies such as, Airbnb),
have redefined how travelers book their travels.
This webinar is a checklist what to think about
before choosing an online travel agent as a partner.

Webinar 10: AR and AI (June 23rd 2020)
Are face-to-face interaction with customer
obsolete? Has the future already arrived? Learn how
the tourist industry is using virtual reality and
artificial intelligence today and what the projections
are going forward.

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