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Visit Arctic Europe II – Stronger together 

Project partners: Finnish Lapland Tourist Board,
Northern Norway Tourist Board and Swedish Lapland Visitors Board
Participants: 122 Tourism companies from the region
Project period: until 30.9.2022 |  Budget: 6,4 Million EUR

Greetings from VAE

Dear Arctic Friends,

The time we are in now is demanding, the travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19. The situation is changing hour by hour, and tough decisions need to be made. The entire Visit Arctic Europe -community – both the suppliers and tour operators, have worked hard at all levels and have been looking forward to welcoming new guests in 2020.

An international effort is needed to prevent infection, save many lives and hopefully minimize the consequences worldwide. At the same time, it is important to spend time smartly and invest resources properly. We have to believe that it will not last for so long and that there will be a new tomorrow. New tomorrow with new challenges and new opportunities. Visit Arctic Europe II will be a supportive part contributing to rebuild the industry after this situation.

Of course, current situation influences the activities in the project. BUT! We are not cancelling – we are postponing. When the situation will stabilize and get back to more or less normal again, marketing of our area will be important as never before. We will continue with image marketing campaign, we will execute Fam trips, we will organize Networking event and Sales workshop. We will of course continue to support tour operators actions, adjusted as a consequence of the crisis. We are monitoring the situation continuously and will inform you regarding all adjustments when the time is right and decisions are made.

Remember you are not alone in this! In such times, it is good to know that you have good colleagues around you who are in the same situation.

Take care of each other and remember that We are Stronger Together!

Visit Arctic Europe II -team



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