The project VAE, 1st phase, is completed. 1.8.2015 – 31.3.2018. It has been a great journey. Together with the partners: Finnish Lapland Tourist Board, Northen Norway Tourist Board, Swedish Lapland Visitors Board and VAE companies, Touroperators, other stakeholders and financiers we have achieved great results. Below is a short video with VAE results in a nutshell. Visit Arctic Europe – Stronger together!

Under these links you’ll find all Final Outcomes and reports of VAE project from each project’s main headline

VAE I Accessibility Outcomes

Targets of the accessibility: Visit Arctic Europe area will be in future easily accessible. Internal accessibility is developed and travelling in the area is easy for travelers. Internal Accessibility The material produced in this project is gathered onto the...

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VAE I R&D Outcomes

Visit Arctic Europe project aim was to develop tourism industry in the VAE area widely. In order to ensure that the project actions during the development and marketing activities are justified and effective from the perspective of the objectives set out, stakeholders...

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VAE I Marketing

Project targets in Marketing were following: Area is internationally renowned high standard single, Visit Arctic Europe travel destination. Region's tourism volume will increase and profitability and turnover of SMEs will grow. International expertise will be further...

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“The project makes a special effort to involve people in the design of the solutions(s) and demonstrates excellence in promoting its’ results to the relevant target audiences. Visit Arctic Europe contributes in a clear way to the Arctic Award main criteria: innovation, impact and focus. The project involves SMEs and stakeholders from all three countries, and through the activities carried out, they have been able to combine the Arctic area’s strengths and resources to meet the increased competition within the tourism industry. The project has shown that better results can be achieved through cooperation and trust instead of competing against each other.”

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