Visit Arctic Europe II -project is financed by Interreg Nord. Other financiers: Regional Council of Lapland, Region Norrbotten, Nordic Council of Ministers, Troms fylkeskommune, Finnmark fylkeskommune, Innovation Norway and Ministry of Economic affairs and Employment of Finland.

Project partners are: Finnish Lapland Tourist Board, Swedish Lapland Visitors Board and Northern Norway Tourist Board

Outcomes of VAE II project’s main activities:

Outcomes of VAE II project’s main activities:

Competence Development

VAE II Project has held Following Networking events:

VAE II has organized  two Market view webinars:

Experts from the markets briefed us about the current situation in VAE II’s target markets and shared their view for future development.

Thank you for following experts:
  • DACH – Jan Badur, Nordic Marketing
  • Benelux – Cees van den Bosch, Voigt Travel
  • UK – Clive Stacey, Discover the World

Link for recording 16.6.2020 event.
Link for recoding 24.3.2021 event.

Sustainability Webinars:

  • Learnings from Norway 4.2.2020 by Ingrid Solberg, Mimir
    Link for the recording
  • Smart ways – nudging for sustainability 14.2.2020 by Milena Nikolova
    Link for recording
  • This is how we do it . 28.4.2020 In this webinar you’ll meet Milena Mikolova and Ingrid Solberg Sætre from Mimir and they will talk about how to become a more sustainable business
    Link for recording
  • VAE II Sustainability webinar 27.1.2021 by Mimir.
    Link for recording

Digitalization webinars:

Live Webinars are meant for VAE II participating companies.

Recording of the webinars are available also for other companies. Please ask link for recording from: maikku.raittimo @ lme.fi

You’ll find all recordings from VAE II Youtube channel. 

Read more here.


Image Marketing:

Visit Arctic Europe Image marketing campaigns and activities can be found from This is Arctic -page.

Targets for Image marketing activities in VAE II were:

  • Increase delivery chain and final consumers awareness in selected segments and target markets of our low seasons strengths.
  • Raise interest and lead final consumers to selected delivery chains and their web shops.
  • Connect the image marketing activities closely to tactical marketing actions

In image marketing This is Arctic campaigns gained lots of media attention and great results: 134+ media publications by journalistic media. Estimated earned media value was 6,5 million € and estimated total reach: 670 million, total video views was: 12,1 million.

As part of project image marketing activities This is Arctic communication concept was created. This is Arctic Toolkit was one part of it. The toolkit consists of images and videos from VAE region for all companies and tour operators use. https://thisisarctic.com/toolkit/

Tactical Marketing:

Based on the mapping process among VAE II companies project’s target markets were defined as following:

  • First level markets for activities including Image marketing, joint promotions with selected Tour operators, invitation to selected TOs to fam trips and sales workshop DACH: Germany, Austria and Switzerland (German speaking Europe), Benelux and UK.
  • Secondary level markets for activities including image marketing and invitation to selected TOs to fam trips and sales workshops (high end clientele): US, China & HongKong
  • Third level markets for activities  including invitation to selected touroperators to famtrips and sales workshops: France, Italy and Spain

In tactical marketing VAE II partners signed agreements for marketing cooperation with several tour operators from the selected markets. Marketing cooperation with tour operators during VAE II project brought more than 65 000 travellers and they had more than 400 000 overnights in VAE region. This has created more than 95 M€ new income for this region. These numbers have been calculated based on Tour operators reports.

Sales Workshops:

The biggest Sales Event for Travel Trade above the Arctic Circle – VAE II Sales Workshops gathered together suppliers from whole VAE II area at once.

These event were a result of the cooperation between Finnish and Swedish Lapland and Northern Norway.  VAE II companies and Tour Operators and Incoming operators from selected market areas have been invited to this event. We welcomed those who are interested to develop together with our great Arctic community potential seasons  in the area of Arctic Europe in a sustainable way.

  • VAE II Sales Workshop 2022 in Alta, Norway 13.-15.6.2022.
    Altogether 160 participants.
    And in addition 6 Pre- and Post-tours (familiarization trips) took buyers out to visit many of VAE companies and destinations.
  • VAE II Digital Sales Workshop 202114.-15.9.2021.
    Altogether 132 participants.
  • VAE II Digital Sales Workshop 2020 29.-30.9.2020
    Altogether 208 participants.
  • VAE II Sales Workshop 2019 in Levi, Finland 3.-5.9.2019
    86 Buyers and 100 Service providers.
    And in addition 10 Pre- and Post-tours (familiarization trips) took buyers out to visit many of VAE companies and destinations.

VAE II companies and tour operators had altogether 5502 business meetings during these all VAE II Sales Workshops.

Fam Trips:

VAE II has organized and invited Tour operators from selected market areas for fam trips to experience and see VAE region and companies. Fam trips are an ideal way for companies to show their services and products for tour operators.

Because of the pandemic and travel restrictions, we decided to organize some of our Fam trips as digital to be able to show companies and their services to tour operators despite of travel restrictions.

The purpose of all fam trips was to show possibilities for cross-border combinations between Northern Norway, Finnish and Swedish Lapland.

During VAE I project we organized total 24 Physical fam trips with179 participants and total 21 Digital Fam trips with 373 participants.


The Arctic Route crossborder cooperation route between Norway, Finland and Sweden combines VAE area.
Crossborder daily connection The Arctic Route started 1.12.2019, first phase last until 30.3.2020. Involved transportation companies are Bussring from Norway, Eskelisen Lapin Linjat from Finland and Vy (in earlier stage SJ) from Sweden.

VAE II team approached numerous flight companies, airport owners in each country and potential tour operators presenting to them possibilities for marketing co-operation in case they open new flight routes or charter operations from markets to VAE region.

VAE II Partners signed also marketing cooperation with Eurowings Flight company from Germany. Eurowings started five direct routes from Dusseldorf to VAE Region airports in Winter 2022-2023 (Tromsö, Kiruna, Luleå, Rovaniemi and Kittilä airports). Eurowings opened new flight routes also for summer 2023.

VAE II had discussions with public transportation authorities (PTA’s) from all three countries several times during the project. VAE II raised discussions between tourism and local public transportation needs and possible synergies.