Arctic Bath Hotel

The idea of a floating sauna first came to Harads resident Per-Anders Eriksson during the opening of Treehotel in 2010. At first, the vision was a glass cube on a raft. Bertil Harström, who designed Treehotel’s The Bird’s Nest, took over the idea and in 2013 he and Johan Kauppi designed Arctic Bath’s floating, circular building.Located just south of the arctic circle, this unique hotel is a reminder of the forests importance for the entire country’s development. The architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature and is more particularly influenced by the timber floating era. For a long time, Lule River and its tributaries served as transportation routes for timber, an old tradition in the north. The construction of our circular main building, which floats on Lule River, imitates logs getting jammed in rapids, something that wasn’t too uncommon for those transporting timber.Arctic Baths commitment goes beyond offering a place to stay—we curate authentic experiences that connect you with locals and showcase nature’s wonders. From thrilling wildlife safaris to the enchanting northern lights, and under the midnight sun you may indulge in our traditional Ice Bath experience. As our guest, you may enjoy the luxury of our complementary Spa Ritual, ensuring your stay is not just accommodation but a journey into the heart of the Arctic.

Ramdalsvägen 10, Harads, 961 78, SE