Kiruna in Swedish Lapland

Kiruna is home to Sweden’s highest mountains, the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, the original ICEHOTEL and is considered the space capital of Europe.Here, in the northernmost part of Swedish Lapland, the contrasts are as beautiful as they are numerous, almost infinite. You will find a variety of activities for all seasons. Winter months with blue, arctic light, and the Northern Lights dancing across the skies. Later in the season, there will be the midnight sun and the Arctic autumn is a visual spectacle of light and colour where nature’s pantry is rich.We have clear seasons here. Some people reckon we have four seasons, but the Sámi people have taught us there are eight. Winter, for example, is divided into three seasons; early winter, true winter and spring-winter. The climate and seasons are very important to the Sámi people for their reindeer herding, and as our guest, we can offer you all kinds of things to do depending on when you come to visit.Kiruna is undergoing an exciting transformation. The entire town is about to relocate because of the mine and the ore deposits. But our warm welcome and wild countryside surrounding the town will still be here to greet you, just as they’ve always done. We have the raw materials, the culture, the experiences. Welcome to Kiruna, come and share our everyday lives, which are far from ordinary.

Malmvägen 9B, Kiruna, 981 30, SE