Welcome to Marmelkroken, a haven of natural beauty and sustainable living, located along the scenic route of Andøya, Norway.

Here we offer Accomodation, Local food and Experiences.

Our ethos is deeply rooted in the principles of ecotourism and environmental stewardship, ensuring that every aspect of your experience resonates with our commitment to sustainability.

Unique Accommodations and Experiences

Our range of accommodation has been thoughtfully designed, with each unit offering a unique perspective of the stunning landscape – from ocean to mountain. Architectural gems like our nature shelter and birdboxes blend seamlessly with the environment, offering you a comfortable yet immersive natural experience.

Local Connection and Natural Bounty

At Marmelkroken, we take immense pride in serving local food, celebrating the rich bounty of our surroundings. Our kitchen is a testament to this, with a menu predominantly featuring locally sourced ingredients, many of which are foraged or grown by our dedicated team. This not only supports our local producers but also minimizes our carbon footprint.

Long-lasting Impact

We understand the delicate balance of the ecosystem we inhabit, ensuring that we make a positive, long-lasting impact on both the environment and our guests.

Through experiences like foraging, cooking classes, nature walks, and birdbox exploration, we aim to forge a deep, lifelong connection between you and the natural world.



Bøveien 268, Risøyhamn, 8484, NO

+47 941 36 633