Museum Nord – 21 museums in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Narvik region

21 venues and endless, exciting stories and experiences are awaiting our visitors.

When traveling in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Narvik,  learning about the regions cultural history are vital to understand our way of living – both today, in the past and tomorrow. From the southern tip of Lofoten, all the way to the north of Vesterålen and to the tall mountains of Narvik region, you will find us.

  • Most of the museums: open all year.
  • When traveling with a group: pre-booking always wise.
  • Some museums offer food experiences: Lofotr Viking Museum and Hurtigruten Museum.
  • All museums offer guided tours (book in advance)
  • Private guide and tailored experiences: available upon request.
  • Many museum has a cafè and a gift shop. Groups, please pre-order meals.
  • The calendar of special cultural events:
  • Among the museum venues: an art gallery and an aquarium!
  • Some museums are particularly attractive to families, such as Hurtigruten Museum, Lofoten Aquarium and Lofotr Vikingmuseum

Among the museums are Lofotr Vikingmuseum, Hurtigruten Museum, Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, Lofoten War Memorial Museum, Lofoten Aquarium, Andøy Museum (the lighthouse), Narvik Museum. For a complete list, go to

Opens winter 2026: SKREI. It is all about the Arctic Cod. SKREI will become an impressive center of knowledge, an attraction comparable to Lofotr Vikingmuseum and Hurtigruten Museum.


Administrations adress: Pb 104, Melbu, 8459, NO

+ 4776154000

Our other places

SKREI – a center of knowledge an experiences around the Lofoten Fisheries

SKREI – a center of knowledge an experiences around the Lofoten Fisheries