Northern Lights Ranch

Northern Lights Ranch is a unique boutique resort located in Finnish Lapland, 15 km from Levi Ski Resort and 30 km from Kittilä airport. Northern Lights Ranch combines tranquility, pure air and beautiful nature into an Arctic experience which is rare to come by. Because of its remote location away from artificial light, Northern Lights Ranch offers the best chance to experience the amazing Northern Lights, which are often visible during the period from September until April.


Northern Lights Ranch offers accommodation in 25 separate Sky View Cabins which all are designed by defaults for 2 persons. The Sky View Cabins are best described as very individual wooden cabins with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and heated glass ceilings above the beds, offering perfect views of the Northern sky and the surrounding nature.


Northern Lights Ranch is also renowned for the high standard restaurant services offered in a cozy and unexceptional setting. There are two different restaurant spaces of which the other one always serves for the need of various private functions including group dinners, private parties, meetings and various other events.


Ounasjoentie 1619, KÖNGÄS, 99140, FI