Original Lapland

Original Lapland is a DMO operating in the Tornio River Valley in western Lapland, Finland. The area covers the distance of 500 km from Tornio in the south all the way to Kilpisjärvi in the north. At present, we represent 44 companies specializing in tourism, handicraft and nature products, majority being located in the municipalities of Pello and Ylitornio who also provide financial support for the organization. Our region has very good connectivity with the neighboring country of Sweden making it effortless for visitors to explore both countries on the friendly border area. Twice the magic! Original Lapland serves as a gateway to the true Lapland experience. Come visit us and immerse yourself in the essence of the Tornio River Valley – its nature, culture, people and unique way of life. Discover the shared cultural area between Finland and Sweden, where you can encounter nature and local hospitality at its purest. Our member companies provide a range of accommodation choices and authentic experiences. Winter activities include reindeer and horse rides, husky tours, guided fishing trips, snowmobile and snowshoe tours, northern light excursions etc. In summer, we offer for example guided fishing experiences, canoeing, hiking, fatbiking trips, reindeer and other farm visits, horse riding. With a warm welcome from the locals, visitors will feel right at home along the majestic Tornio river.

Kuusirannantie 59, Ylitornio, 95675, FI