Peace & Quiet Hotel

Peace & Quiet hotel, situated in old pine and spruce forests and surrounded entirely by the pristine, untouched wilderness of the Lule River close to the border of Laponia world heritage in the remote municipality of Jokkmokk, a part of Swedish Lapland. Accessible only by dogsled, snowmobile, boat or trail the journey to Peace & Quiet Hotel gives you the true feeling of a departure from your daily life. You will have an unforgettable experience of Sápmi, the land of the Sámi people, and its wildlife. Adventure- filled days are enhanced by local produce during sustainable dining, beverages and the chance to relax in Goahte-style guest rooms.

The founder of the intimate floating glass room fell in love with Jokkmokk and his Sámi wife more than 10 years ago. Trained as a mountain guide in Austria this was the perfect place to settle down to create a family and enjoy mountain life. Five years ago he lost his beloved Anna-Maria to cancer and was left alone with his two daughters Maja 2 and Helga 5 years old. Peace & quiet hotel is their new way into the future, Björn’s way to take care of his daughters future and care for the arctic generations to come.

Klockarvägen 25, Jokkmokk, 962 32, SE