Salla in the middle of nowhere

Salla is located in the middle of the pure nature of Eastern Lapland, where you can experience both spectacular adventures in the nature, as well as tangible military history. Ecological care is a clear choice for the primary value of Salla, as it is of vital importance in the wilderness: without nature there is no well-being.

Nature is Salla’s well-guarded treasure, a source of physical and mental nourishment. The pure nature also tastes and feels good: berries, mushrooms, wild game, clean water, and useful plants have always been the necessary and privileged ingredients for life in Salla. The four main seasons in Salla are complemented by four transition seasons. In the weather of the north, the only permanent thing is change: the seasons and conditions change over only a few weeks. All eight seasons have their own characteristics and natural phenomena.

Salla’s tourism is almost entirely based on nature. Recreation in the fresh nature gives enriching and meaningful experiences. It inspires and boosts your personal strengths. A gruff humour and close relationship with nature are characteristic of the people in Salla. Salla has something that is continually disappearing from other places; room for thought and time to listen to the self, a chance to live and be part of the most precious treasure in the world: pure nature.

Kuusamontie 61 D6, Salla, 98900, FI

+ 358 400 269 838