STF Kebnekaise Mountain station

The trip up to the STF Kebnekaise mountain station starts in Nikkaluokta, where the road ends and the wilderness begins. The mountain station lies 19 kilometres away in the barren mountain landscape of northern Lapland, at the foot of Sweden’s highest mountain. The mountain station offers full service, with a restaurant and 200 comfortable beds. Kebnekaise host few of the highest peaks in Sweden and are considered to be one of the best high alpine areas in Sweden. Excellent excursion possibilities both in summer and winter. At STF Kebnekaise we offer a various set of activities, were the most popular one is an attempt to climb the southern peak of Kebnekaise. From Kebnekaise, hiking trails stretch north towards Abisko (ca 5 days) and south to Saltoluokta (ca 4 days).

STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station, Kiruna, 981 99, SE

+46 101902330

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