Troll museum Tromsø

Troll Museum is the first and only museum about trolls in Norway. We offer a unique and different museum experience where visitors can dip their toes into Norwegian folklore and discover how the idea of trolls has changed over time. The story is presented both via beautiful original figures and digital augmented reality models.  This technology combines reality with digital artwork, by superimposing the latter onto what we can see with our own eyes. We use AR to add a new dimension and enrich the experience of the stories we present, something unique which raises the value of our museum’s content. So, our work model is a unique combination of storytelling, design and technology.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Norwegian folklore, experiencing something new and original, or just having some fun diving into the magical world of fairy tales will surely enjoy a visit to our museum. Our location in the city center (Kaigata 3) makes us a convenient stop on trips to and from other attractions as well.

We are looking forward to cooperation

Kaigata 3-5, Troll museum, TROMSØ, 9008, NO

+47 940 73 357