Tromsø Villmarkssenter

The Tromsø Wilderness Center is the home of the renowned dog sled racer Tove Sørensen, her son Torkil, and their 200 Alaskan Huskies. For 30 years, the “Lady #1 of Finnmarksløpet” and her family have invited guests from all over the world to visit their farm and learn about huskies, the dog sledding sport, and the arctic nature.3 decades of expertise in facilitating high-quality husky and wilderness experiences, year-round activities, excellent facilities, and a strong focus on sustainability make Tromsø Wilderness Center one of the leading experience providers in Norway.It is a family-run business with a desire to share precious moments of happiness in nature with the guests. Fulfilling their adventurous spirit – regardless of age and other conditions – is the top of mind and the purpose of this place.

Straumsvegen 601, Kvaløysletta, 9109, NO

+47 776 96 002