Visit Bodø

A cultural city on the edge of nature

Bodø & Salten is the ultimate combination of culture and nature. Here you will find one of Norway’s fastest growing cities, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024, located in the middle of magnificent natural gems in the surrounding region.

Experience the world’s strongest maelstrom – Saltstraumen, Europe´s most accessible glacier, Svartisen, northern lights, midnight sun, and famous national parks. Here you get to experience spectacular nature without standing in line.

You simply cannot miss this!

Bodø & Salten offers breathtaking natural experiences that will leave you in awe. Here, you’ll find both the world’s strongest maelstrom and mainland Europe’s most accessible glacier.

Find your accommodation in Bodø and Salten

Bodø and Salten offer accommodation for every taste. Choose from a wide selection of hotels, apartments, rooms, cabins, campsites and sea cabins, and find the accommodation that suits you best.

Activities and experiences in Bodø and Salten

Looking for ideas on what to do in Bodø & Salten? Look no further! Get ready to explore a world of possibilities, from glacier hiking under the midnight sun to savoring delicious dining experiences. Discover chalk-white beaches, cool cloud bars, and exhilarating climbing facilities nestled amidst towering mountains.

Dronningens gt 15, Bodø, 8006, NO