Visit Levi

Visit Levi – Your Trusted Partner in Northern Europe’s Premier Year-Round Destination

Our mission is to promote the success of Levi’s tourism area through marketing, sales, and advocacy. We aspire to be the most trusted and esteemed partner for Northern Europe’s most captivating year-round destination. Our tasks encompass developing revenue streams for the region, managing vacation apartment and cottage rentals, and selling the services of our marketing partners such as activities and transportation. We oversee the branding and destination marketing of Levi and organize events that support our mission, brand image, and revenue streams. We also provide tourism information for the municipality of Kittilä and foster regional collaboration, including marketing partnerships and tourism networks. We ensure effective regional communication and engage in tourism advocacy. Additionally, we participate in various tourism development projects. Together, we work towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Levi’s tourism area. Welcome to experience the enchantment of Levi!

Myllyjoentie 2, Kittilä, 99130, FI

+358 16 639 3300