Visit Narvik

Visit Narvik AS, a destination company that partners with five municipalities and over 70 activity providers. Our headquarters and tourist information center are located in the heart of Narvik city.Our primary objective is to promote the region and enhance tourism and development in our destination. Visit Narvik is familiar with the market and suppliers and implements targeted global marketing strategies. Our passion lies in the growth and development of Narvik, making it an appealing destination for tourists and a better place to reside.We have a robust partnership with Visit Norway, Northern Norway Tourist Board, and Arctic-365, and we stay abreast of the latest travel trends, target markets, and brand building, making Narvik more competitive in the global market.As a hub for development, marketing, and sales, we work with travel companies in the region to provide tourists with excellent value for money and service while visiting Narvik’s suppliers. We have an extensive portfolio in our booking system, and we work seamlessly with tour operators, incoming agents, and cruise lines.Visit Narvik is also responsible for organizing tourist information, and our team is highly professional and focused on ensuring a seamless travel experience.If you have any questions, new ideas, or simply want to learn more about our stunning region, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Arctic greetings to you!

Kongensgate 38, Narvik, 8514, NO

+47 76965600