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Visit Arctic Europe II – Stronger together 

Project partners: Finnish Lapland Tourist Board,
Northern Norway Tourist Board and Swedish Lapland Visitors Board
Participants: 122 Tourism companies from the region
Project period: until 30.9.2022 |  Budget: 6,4 Million EUR

Sustainability Development Webinars in VAE II

Sustainability Development in VAE II 

Results from the Sustainability Survey among Visit Arctic Europe II companies. (n=90)
The aim was to map the ambitions in the companies in terms of working with sustainability, and to get an impression of their goals and priorities. The survey listed in total 10 subjects within sustainability, and they were asked to choose and describe the 3 that they want to work with in their company.
The survey shows that the overall “Top 3” priorities were; Buy as much as possible locally (41%), Reduce impact on nature and environment (38%) and Strengthen local culture, identity and traditions (38%).

Sustainability Webinars in VAEII: 2020

  • Learnings from Norway 4.2.2020 by Ingrid Solberg, Mimir
    In this webinar will Ingrid Solberg Sætre from Mimir AS, an experienced and certified coach for sustainability work within Norwegian tourism, share her experiences and insights. Ingrid is coaching several Norwegian destinations in their efforts to become labeled as Sustainable Destinations by Innovation Norway. She is also working close with
    the Eco Lighthouse certification, and will tell you about successes, failures and give practical examples both from companies and destination.
    Link for the recording
  • Smart ways – nudging for sustainability 14.2.2020 by Milena Nikolova
    The concept of nudging is becoming more and more relevant within tourism, but how do you actually nudge the customer towards more sustainable and profitable choices?
    Link for recording


  • This is how we do it  28.4.2020 by Milena Mikolova and Ingrid Solberg Sætre from Mimir
    How to become a more sustainable business on a practical level
    Link for recording

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