VAE I Accessibility Outcomes

Targets of the accessibility: Visit Arctic Europe area will be in future easily accessible. Internal accessibility is developed and travelling in the area is easy for travelers.

Internal Accessibility

The material produced in this project is gathered onto the following pages:
Internal Connections
Service Concepts
Tourism Oriented Development
and Road map.

Introduction to internal accessibility development work
The aim of internal accessibility work in the Arctic Europe area in the long term is to:

  • Offer smooth, customer-oriented travel and multimodal travel chains
  • Generate new transport services
  • Increase co-operation between transport operators and tourism actors and
  • Increase the economic sustainability of transport operators

In order to achieve these long term aims, the Visit Arctic Europe Accessibility project in 2016-2018 focused on gathering information about instant fixes, development needs and new approaches and concepts suitable for the area.

About the project
The work on accessibility presented in these pages was produced for Visit Arctic Europe project by WSP Finland Ltd Advisory Services. The outcomes of the project are based on available open data, discussions with transport and tourism actors, workshops with transport actors and tour operators, benchmarking, mystery shopping, analyzing, round table meetings and getting inspired by Arctic Europe region and its people.

Contact person: Rauno Posio, Visit Arctic Europe

External Accessibility

Business Case Toolkits for each 18 VAE airports have been delivered to related area-/airport representatives.

For further information about business case toolkits, please contact:

Digital Accessibility

Digital Trends and Tools Relevant to Tourism Industry and Visit Arctic Europe

Presentation of Ashwin Rajan in VAE Final Seminar about Digital Accessibility

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